thukpa  (noodle soup)

Pika Pila (a chutney made with sesame seeds and green chillies)

masor tenga (sour fish curry)

 khar  (a dish made with papaya and soda ash)

chak-hao kheer  (black rice pudding)

chamthong   (mixed vegetable stew)

jadoh  (rice cooked with meat and spices)

doh khleh  (a salad made with minced meat)

sawhchiar  (a meat and vegetable dish)

Chhangban  (a porridge made with rice and milk)

akhuni  (a fermented soybean paste)

Bamboo shoot Pickle

Bamboo shoot Pickle

gundruk  (fermented leafy greens).

phagshapa  (dried pork cooked with radishes)